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Human Right Council of India Registered under Trust act 1882 with Registration No. 1726/13, is working with dedication for the Noble cause of Human Rights Protection and Promotion, Justice for all, Economic upliftment of the underprivileged, Education, , Peace, Harmony,& National Integration by Exchange of ideas & ethos amongst the Indian society. HRCOI came into the existence to cater and spread Human rights values at every corner of India after passing the resolution.

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HRCOI follows the guidelines of NALSA The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) has been constituted under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 to provide free Legal Services to the weaker sections of the society and to organize Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of disputes..We also have a legal co-ordination with central as wel as state legal services authority HRCOI carried forward works through Various Forum viz, Education, Health, Legal ,Employment, Child labor, etc.

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HRCOI is purely a non political, Secular Organization operating with the support of its members. Our presence nationally today due to the efforts and association of Intellectuals, Philanthropist, Judges and other luminaries having contributed in a big way in our efforts to bring Awareness of not only Human Values but other social causes too.
HRCOI is a social organization for the ignored, disregarded, over-looked, victimized, oppressed, depressed, tortured people of the society and it cultivates awareness in them with regard to their rights. HRCOI is an highly informative secured Human Rights Agency. We collect problems, complaints and grievances of the sufferers as also anti-social, anti-governmental activities and places them in front of prevailing government administration, police and courts. We have been commemorating the International Youth Day, World Human Rights Day, World Women’s and Peace Day, World Press Freedom Day and above all, World Human Rights Day, as also organizing different meetings, seminars, conventions, assemblies, conferences, cultural programmers, Youth camps, and judiciary camps. We have number of prestigious projects for future are lined up for execution.HRCOI is handling no. of Human Rights Centers all over India with the help of our members in the organization who are supporting the cause of Human Rights, Liberties & social Justice.
Besides making efforts in educating people of their rights, we also encouraging and felicitating various prominent personalities who have done commendable work in the arena of Human Welfare and protection of Human Rights every year, on the occasion of World Human Rights Day, felicitates a number of Diplomates, Judges, social workers, Leaders for their dedicated contribution towards betterment of the societies and others.

HRCOI faces and defends of its own the cases in the Courts.
HRCOI is endeavoring to open Residential Secular Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Old-Age-Homes in all parts of the Country to enhance the Government’s initiative in these sectors. We have a lofty vision of networking with the nations in the world who solemnly agree with us to promote human values in the globe. We are contemplating to create an innovative and integrated learning network, campus learning and community management network. Our focus is to empower the campus and help reach out to the world to consolidate and deliver knowledge with respect to human rights issues that haunt the world today and to bring about peace, harmony and amity amongst us. . We are strongly connected nationally and internationally with a membership of people all around the India and Abroad including MEMBERs OF PARLIAMENT , MLA , IAS OFFICER(RTD) ,High profile lawyers ( Supreme Court , High Court , Lower Court , Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Professionals.
We firmly believe that ‘INCHES MAKE CHAMPIONS’ and with this belief, we humbly invite Every Individual to join hands with us to become pioneers of change. However little your contribution will help us go a long way in raising issues and bringing justice to our countrymen. There cannot be a more satisfactory feeling than the one you get by doing philanthropic work. However meager your contribution could be towards enriching someone’s life, the satisfaction, emotional or social one derives out of these acts of generosity, is simply unexplainable. Be A PIONEER LEAD THE CHANGE.....

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