India's educated youths are facing some serious issues like educated unemployment and underemployment. Currently, in India, we have fairly low inflation but unemployment is high. In particular, educated unemployment is very high. It is around 20 % among graduates. One suspects that political instability in the country, lack of entrepreneurship, lack of quality education and quality students, for instance is the result of excessive unemployment. Bad education is hurting the economy. Recently Mr. kapil Sibal has tried to de-affiliate some of the colleges. Colleges play a very vital role in making students. If colleges provide quality education, the scenario would be better. There are many private and old government colleges which fail to do this and hence provides a less skilled graduate. Opening of more private engineering colleges are fuel to the unemployment problem.

Education has just become a profession. Colleges are being set up not to give quality education but to earn money. I highly appreciate the step taken by our education minister to modernize our present education system but still lot needs to be done. I also appreciate the removal of board examinations of Xth standard. Many of us may feel this hard harmed the competency among the students. Yes, that was the idea!!! Children of 16 years are unable to take such high pressures mounted over them. Another factor for increased unemployment is the pressure from parents. Educated unemployment is due to a mismatch between the aspirations of graduates and employment opportunities available to them. It is seen in Indian community that parents put his son after getting 95% in science stream in view to make him an Engineer or a Doctor. Parents hardly think what his child wants to study, what are his wishes.

Now a day craze of Engineering has gone sky high. Students move to any private colleges and take admission. They feel Engineering is the way to earn quick money. Colleges need to be selected in a proper way. An affiliation by AICTE is must for engineering colleges. NBA accreditation which is given by AICTE board is an added advantage and gives a chance for the student to choose a branch from the Engineering college. According to latest report by NASSCOM only 25 % engineering graduates in India are employable, This is because of poor quality of education in engineering colleges. Government should take some steps to improve the quality of education in Indian colleges. Also the syllabus should be made par to the industry standards.

The unemployment, and much more so, the underemployment of graduates, are devastating phenomena in the lives of graduates. However, the incidence of underemployment among the graduates is much higher. Maximum students in this country are from middle class. Parents spend lakhs of rupees on them in a view that he will get a job after completing his graduation. But when the student fails to get a job, his mental position detoriates & gets depressed.After 10+2 comes a very crucial period where we almost get puzzled to what stream to go into. This is the time we should sit down and think what will be best for us. What is the career that we should pursue that will help us grow. Students of today are very much afraid to take up unconventional courses as a part of their study. The whole INDIA has become saturated by producing doctors, engineers and MBA's. Now other professions are really climbing the ladder and it is very important for each student to identify his capabilities, his interest before taking up any course. Because it is better to think before, rather than roaming here and there for getting a job.

As of 2011, there are 1522 degree-granting engineering colleges in India with an annual student intake of 582,000, plus 1,244 polytechnics with an annual intake of 265,000. However, these institutions face shortage of faculty and concerns have been raised over the quality of education. In India education system, a significant number of seats are reserved under affirmative action policies for the historically disadvantaged Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. In universities/Colleges/Institutions affiliated to federal government there is minimum 50% of reservations applicable to these disadvantaged groups. At state level it varies. State of Andhra Pradesh has minimum 83.33% of reservations as on 2012, which is highest percentage of reservations in India.

Unemployed man commits Suicides

A 34-year-old man killed himself by hanging from the ceiling fan at his residence at Ambedkar circle in Ghatkopar (East) on Wednesday. The deceased KiranSanil took the extreme step after being unemployed and was unable to do much in life, said the Pant Nagarpolice. Police said that the deceased was brother-in-law of a corporator from Ghatkopar. The police had found a message in his mobile phone and the police suspect that he typed the message before committing suicideYouth unemployment widespreds in Bihar PATNA: Deliberating on the situation of youth employment in Bihar, Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) Patna director Prabhat P Ghosh on Saturday said that a decade ago, out-migrants were mainly from poor households, but today migration among youngsters has permeated all sections of the society. This shows that the problem of unemployment is no more limited to poor sections but adversely affects everyone, said Ghosh. He was participating in a panel discussion on "Issues and perspectives of youth employment in Bihar" at a seminar on "Youth unemployment in India: Dimension, challenges and strategies" organized by PU economics department here. Stressing that Bihar's was basically an agrarian economy, Ghosh said, "Despite a high growth rate, Bihar is as much rural as 10 years ago and the labour force participation rate of population is almost 10% less than that of India."